Welcome to Seahawk Exchange. Our purpose is to provide a website where students throughout the country can buy, sell, exchange, or even donate items in a safe environment.

We are a business whose headquarters is based out of Redondo Beach and has other offices in south bay schools, who meet daily to discuss about ways we can further improve the infrastructure of our school by providing a website where students are able to sell and buy different LEGAL items.

The concept of a classified website for students stemmed from our fearless leaders, Matt Mercier and Adam Porter. I, Matt Mercier, came up with this idea when one of my friends sold me their old AP European History review book for only $2. This deal inspired me to create a place where all students can be exposed to fair prices and great items.

The Seahawk exchange is not affiliated with Redondo Union High School and does not represent the school’s interests or opinions. All transactions must be made outside of school hours and off the Redondo campus.