***IMPORTANT*** All transactions are made and exchanged at room 314, during school hours. Please email us at info@seahawkexchange.com or text us at 310-750-7498 to arrange the exchange. ALL EXCHANGES MUST BE SUPERVISED BY OUR STAFF.
All students are welcome to join us at our meetings held on Mondays at lunch in room 314 to learn how to post an ad, or if you have any questions.

First of all, you made it here to our website! You are a few clicks away from posting your first advertisement! By following the few simple steps below, you will be on your way to making money! Good luck and happy selling!

Now for all the consumers, our site is very simple to use and the directions on how to purchase items will be listed below those of selling! You don’t have to pay with cash, you can exchange items upon previous agreement between the seller and buyer. However, if there is a cash transaction Seahawk Exchange charges a 10% selling fee. Now when you have posted your ad or want us to post it, email our company to info@seahawkexchange.com.

How to Sell:
1. Click the “Post an Ad” tab.
2. Fill out the information in order to create your Seahawk Exchange Official Account!
3. Fill out the title and description of your item.
4. Upload up to five pictures of the item in order to show exactly what you are selling to all consumers.
5. Now, put your listing or best offer price.
6. Selling may take time. Be patient. You are free to remove your ad at anytime.
7. After your product is posted, email us at info@seahawkexchange.com to arrange a meeting time and place at RUHS to have the exchange take place.

How to Buy:
1. Search or browse to find your desired item(s).
2. On that item, press contact seller or you can email us at the email above to buy the specific item(s).
3. A meeting place and time at RUHS will be arranged where the transfer of goods will take place.